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 "iv'e used this product for selfies due to some stains and its perfect. best part is that its instant"

Stacey L. 

Perfect White
Perfect White
  • Instant Perfect White Smile

  • Last 24 Hrs or untill you brush it off

  • Protects against stains

  • Non Toxic

  • Drink your favorite drinks and it wont fall off

  • Apply multiple coats for a brighter white smile

  • Easy to apply, comes with cotton sticks and a tooth pick. 


Your Perfect White Smile

Has Arrived

Instant white teeth

Now you too can have an instant white smile with our proprietary formula. Its non-toxic and harmless for your gums. Its easy to apply, you can apply multiple coats to achieve a whiter brighter smile. 

Our Tooth Glaze 


Comes with 2 cotton sticks, a manual and a tooth pick. The instructions are easy to follow. 

Step 1: Shake It Up.

Settling is natural, so shake it up good! Sometimes the (pigment) need a little extra help from sitting, we suggest using a toothpick to stir things up, then another good shake. To preserve the life of your brush and prevent bristle splitting, we recommend you do not use the brush for trying to mix.

Step 2: Paint It Up.

Dry Teeth! Before applying, your teeth must be clean and dry! Begin by using the cotton tubes to separate your teeth from your gums. Then, carefully dry all tooth surfaces you wish to style, with a cotton swab, lint-free cloth, or tissue. Carefully stroke, tooth by tooth, we find 1 to 2 strokes per tooth works best to form a full layer, we recommend you apply a minimum of 2 layers for maximum coverage.

Step 3: Shape It Up

Before the final layer is dry (colors work best when wet), we need to shape each tooth. Using a clean toothpick or other clean thin tool, very carefully shape teeth by removing color from in-between teeth and gums. When you’re done shaping, make sure glaze has hardened, and remove the cotton, that’s it! Smile, feel good, and enjoy!

Enjoy any drink while using Toothglaze, the glaze will last while eating soft foods only. Take Toothglaze with you to reapply after some meals, just like you would with lipstick.